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The 12th International Conference on Mahdaviat Doctrine

  The 12th International Conference on Mahdaviat Doctrine

Call for Papers
The 12th International Conference on Mahdaviat Doctrine
Apocalyptic prophecies from the perspective of the Abrahamic religions

Prediction of the future events and circumstances has a precedent as long as human history. Sometimes these predictions have been made by the heavenly books and scriptures and the holy prophets and their successors, and other times by scholars of different human sciences as well as heavenly religions. These predictions include the issue of emergence of the Savior and the aftermath of the emergence of the Savior, which would be the subject of a separate conference. This 12th conference, however, focuses on the events concomitant with the emergence of the promised Savior and the events just before that which leads to it and is following the discussions on predictions of this part of the history.

Obviously, the prophecies of the scriptures and the divine revelations on the events before the advent of the Promised has extremely high value due to their relationship with the higher being, and can act like messengers of hope and joy, as well as warning and alert for present and future generations. What is significant here is to assess the evidence and the implications and meaning of these predictions as well as identifying, and possibly analyzing and investigating the documented instances of them. Scientists and researchers in the field should do all the efforts to find out the false claims and opportunistic profiteers. Such findings, in turn, pave the way for better preparation for the advent of the Promised, meant by religions.
Given the importance of this issue, Bright Future Institute (Institute of Mahdaviat) calls for papers for Twelfth International Conference of Mahdaviat Doctrine on apocalyptic prophecies from the perspective of the Abrahamic religions. All educators and scholars are invited to submit their research papers on the following topics to help explain and promote our important mission.

First axis: Apocalyptic prophecies in Islam
1. Definition, attributes and importance of apocalyptic prophecies
2. The wisdom behind mentioning apocalyptic prophecies
3. Terminology of Apocalyptic prophecies (Fetan- tribulations - Malahen- epics- Ashrat Al-sa’a –the signs of the Hour- …)
4. The position of the signs of reappearance in overall system of religion
5. The language of the signs of reappearance (literal or symbolic)
6. The attributes and the relation between the signs and conditions of reappearance
7. Analyzing the chain of narrations and the content of Apocalyptic prophecies about individuals, groups, cities, events….(Sofyani, Khasf Albayda, Yamaani, heavenly roar, killing of the pure soul, Dajjal, descend of Christ, natural disasters, sudden deaths, corruption increase, Revolts, chaos, women, the youth…)
8. The principle of credit evolution of the reappearance sings’ traditions
9. The difference between the certain and uncertain signs
10. Statistic and Schematic (diagrammatic) analysis of Apocalyptic’ narrations
11. Analysis of the reappearance signs’ process of development
12. The relation between Beda’h and reappearance signs
13. Analysis of the sources and references of the prophecies in Islam
14. Analysis of the outcomes and functions of apocalyptic prophecies (in philosophy of history, futures study…)
15. Analysis of general condition of people and the international community within the narrations of the Apocalyptic
16. The role of the prophecies in forming of schools of thought and social movements

Second axis: Apocalyptic prophecies in Judaism and Christianity
1. Terminology of Apocalyptic prophecies in the Holy Scriptures (Millennialism, the Second Coming, the great resurrection, God’s Kingdom, the last war…)
2. Analysis of Apocalyptic prophecies in the Holy Book (the coming of antichrist, Beast of the Earth, Armageddon, descend of Messiah, natural disasters, earthquake, chaos, massacres before the Second Coming of Messiah…..)
3. Comparative analysis of apocalyptic prophecies in Islam, Judaism and Christianity (Dajjal, Armageddon, The Beast of the Earth…)
4. Analysis of the prophecies about confrontation or agreement between Imam Mahdi (A.S) and Jesus (A.S) in the viewpoint of Islam and Christianity
5. Analysis and evaluation of the prophecies about tribulations in the Apocalyptic in Abrahamic religions’ viewpoint
6. The role of Western intellectuals in the development of apocalyptic prophecies
7. Evolution of prophecies in Bible

Third axis: comparison of the prophecies
1. Possibility and necessity of comparison of the apocalyptic prophecies
2. The standards for comparison of the apocalyptic prophecies with individuals, happenings, and social and political events
3. The role of comparison in appearance of False Mahdis in Abrahamic religions
4. Review the perspective of fulfilling reappearance’s sings
5. The false correspondence of reappearance’s sings
6. The role of false comparison in forming of misguided and extremist groups in recent decades
7. Comparative analysis of apocalyptic prophecies according to Islam, Christianity and Judaism on Middle East, Persian Gulf, and Europe…
8. The role of Jews and Evangelists in comparing the apocalyptic prophecies with the events of the new age
9. The role of Judaism in matching Imam Mahdi (A.S) with Antichrist in Holy Book
10. The relation between apocalyptic prophecies with contemporary strategies, political and military doctrines
11. Critique and analysis of western thinkers’ opinions in comparison of apocalyptic prophecies in Islamic scriptures

1- Those interested should submit an abstract of their article (maximum 500 words in Microsoft Word Format) written in English or Arabic to the Secretary of the seminar for consideration by the scientific committee of the conference preferably via E-mail by 1st November 2015.
2- Researchers whose abstracts are accepted by the scientific committee of the conference should submit their articles written in one of the above-mentioned languages (maximum 6,000 words in Microsoft Word Format) to the Secretary of the Seminar for the final review via E-mail by 10 March 2016.
3- Articles with a close content to proposed titles will be accepted by the scientific committee.
4- Articles must not been published in other publications or even released in other seminars previously held in Iran. The accepted articles will be later published in a book and the rights of their authors will be acknowledged.
5- The conference will be held on 20 and 21 May 2016 in Tehran at IRIB Int’l. Conference Center (IICC).
6- Those interested should complete the attached registration form and forward it to the Secretary of the Seminar. We are unable to issue an invitation to those who do not send the form or an uncompleted form.
7- The Institute shall undertake to pay for expenses (i.e. ticket and accommodation) relating to journey to Iran (excluding visa fee) for those whose articles are accepted. You should buy your ticket before the journey and we will refund the price paid for it in Tehran. If you cannot manage to purchase your own ticket in advance due to financial circumstances or other hardship, please inform us 50 days before the conference.
8- In the case of acceptance of an article, we will require extra information such as Iranian Visa application form, a copy of Passport and a photograph from those who are living abroad.
9- We extend our hospitality to those who would like to attend the conference without submitting a paper. Unfortunately, the conference will be unable to provide financial assistance but will be more than happy to provide support with obtaining visa.
Please mark all correspondence to the attention of the secretary of Mahdaviat Doctrine seminar and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry regarding conference and paper submission.

Bright Future Institute,
No. 27, Allay 25, Safaeiyeh Street, Qum, Iran.

E-mails: mdc@brightfuture.ir or sec@brightfuture.ir
Deputy of International Affairs:
Tel-fax: +98 25 37833714
Web Site: www.mahdaviat-conference.com
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